eVita Market FAQ Centre

Who are we?

The team behind this store

How can i contact you?

Contact details

Do i have a warranty on my items?


My coupon doesn't work, what can i do?

Coupon potential issues

What is return/refund available period?

Return/Refund policy time

What items is non-returnable?

Non-returnable items rules

Why are your products non-returnable if opened?

Returning products in original condition

Do you accept Exchanges?

Exchange rules

Do i need to pay shipping to return the item?

Returning item costs

What can i do to return item if i received this product as a gift?

Products marked as a gift

How do i initiate a return or exchange?

Rules for Return/Refunds process

When will i receive my exchange?

Product exchange time to receive new sample

When will i receive my refund?

Refund process rules

Order Changes and Requests

How do i change my shipping address?

Rules for changing shipping address

How do i cancel my order?

Canceling your order

What if i have changed my mind about my order?

Contact us as soon as possible

I placed an order and want to change it. How can i do that?

Steps for changing your order

Some product is on backorder phase - what does that mean?

Product out of stock or unavailable situation

Receive a damaged item?

I received damaged item, what can i do?

Why was my order canceled?

Fraudulent activity cause order cancelling

Why was i charged without completing an order?


My order status says "Unfulfilled". What does that mean?

"Unfulfilled" means that we received your order successfully

Can i order by telephone?

Telephone support and ordering products

Shipping and Delivery

What is the shipping time?

Shipping & Delivery times and methods

My tracking information states my package was delivered, but i haven't received it. Can i have a refund?

Item is delivered but not received yet

I put the wrong shipping address at check-out, can i change it?

Putting wrong shipping address and changing it

Do i have to pay taxes, customs or any additional fees?

Additional fees or taxes payment

Which countries you often ship to?

Countries where we ship oftenly

Ordering more than one item?

Shipping time for multiple ordered products

Can i track my order?

Tracking your order

Why does it say “Tracking Not Found”?

Tracking number may require additional number of days to show up

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free

It's been more than 4 weeks and I have not received my order yet. Is my order coming?

Contact us if you don't receive order yet

What should I do if an item in my orders is missing?

Contact us for missing order issues

How long will it take to process my order?

Processing time after ordering product

I have not received any order confirmation details. What should I do?

Order confirmation issues

Payment and Pricing

What methods of payment do you accept?

Why did i get charged an extra fee of $1-$10?

Credit card fees after payment

Why is my payment not going through?

Product payments problems

Will my credit card information be stored in your system?

Safe payment system without saving private data

When I submit credit card information online, is it secure?

100% Safe online payments and ordering

What currency are the prices on your website listed as?

All prices at checkout in USD

How-to Guide

How to search products

You can easy enter term in our search field and find a product

How to create account on our store?

Creating an account is very easy

How to add prodcuts to cart?

Easy navigation, exploring collections and adding product to cart

Can i look my product in cart?

Cart product details

How to use our Checkout page?

eVita Market Checkout page - Explanation