Tip Tuesday - Aloe Vera for the rescue

Tip Tuesday - Aloe Vera for the rescue

Aloe vera on sunburn marks is a life saviour. As in Dubai temperatures often reach 50 °C I do make mistakes sometimes and leave my house without sun protector, and usually in those transitions from winter to summer (we don't really have spring here either), I tend to get sunburns.

The gel from aloe vera plant is very nutritious, it soothes and moisturizes the skin. You can use aloe vera on other types of burns as well, minor that is. as well as for dry skin and on stretch marks. the gel was recommended to me a couple of years ago from a pharmacist and I been using it ever since. Indian culture largely uses this plant in masks, and in cooking.

I'm aware we cant all have aloe veras growing in our backyards, so the gel I'm using is from Aloe Pura and its 99.9% aloe vera. It's absolutely effective and easy. Highly recommend.

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