Ultimate breakdown of Shane Dawson conspiracy theories videos

Ultimate breakdown of Shane Dawson conspiracy theories videos

Hey, whats up you guys, yes!

How does Shane Dawson sleep at night? The amazing work he has done on these videos has to be appreciated so I'm trying to contribute to that as I truly enjoy them. If you are not familiar with Shane, umm, whats wrong with you. Just watch his video switching lives with Trisha Paytas to get your life back.

Ultimate breakdown of shane dawson conspiracy theories videos

You will have the time of your life watching his videos, whether he’s eating on camera, celebrating an anniversary with his boyfriend, hunting for ghosts with his friends or the masterpiece that conspiracy videos have become. Anyone who has followed Shane for some time can see the change he has made, how comfortable he has become with who he is, reconnecting with his friends and family, and the quality and work he has put in these videos.

I know I'm dying when he makes a 3 part video and I'm just sitting there on his Instagram waiting for it to go live. And, btw, I'm 29 years old, so this is not a phase. Shane will make your day better, trust me.

So, for the breakdown, I will list 7 videos in no particular order. These are the ones, that for whatever reason, left the most impression on me.


The newest conspiracy theories from just last week. Here Shane talks about the possible end of the world on the 18th April, has a skype interview with a guy who received sketchy voice messages that people on twitter thought are messages from the Malaysian plane that disappeared four years ago, and he talks about 9/11 predictions that are always so insane. In terms of editing and going as far as asking the guy from Twitter for a Skype interview, I believe its one of his best conspiracy videos yet!


Shane starts with an update on a story he has mentioned before, the death of Kenneka Jenkins, which is still unresolved. He talks about Las Vegas shooting, and I love that Shane tackles even the most sensitive topics and he is always respectful to the victims and is genuinely interested in talking and bringing awareness. At last, he talks about why Disney stars go crazy, and just on top of your mind, you can name a couple of young stars who have been through some type of public breakdown after Disney, as it is very common, unfortunately.

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I couldn't wait for this one. Of course, he talks about iPhone X theories but an even creepier theory that Facebook is listening to us!! Wendy Williams passing out on her show was trending on Twitter when it happened, I personally don't really believe this one, but worth mentioning.

Movie posters & album covers that look the same - insane. He finishes with one of, at least to me, scariest theories I have ever heard. Not even the theory, the tragedy itself is so scary to me, I could barely watch the video years ago when people were uploading it to YouTube - The elevator girl. You gotta see this one.


Here we are introduced to Instagram model Lil Miquela. All the videos Shane made following this story are absolutely great. But, I admit I'm over her now lol. Shane talks about the theory that Louis Tomilson's son doesn't exist, that Lady Gaga had her rival murdered (I KNOW), and theories surrounding the death of lovely actress Brittany Murphy.


This one always gets to me. Shane talks about all the alleged child abuse that goes on in Hollywood and long-hidden secrets about paedophiles behind the scenes. Some of them involve suicide, so it is very triggering. Also, we are getting an update on Marina Joyce, as the theory she was held hostage blew up all over the Internet.


Now, this one, you just gotta watch. I feel like Avril Lavigne herself watched this and was SHOOK.


Of course, I had to include these. There are so many in here, from Trump being an Illuminati, and The Simpsons predicting the Trump presidency in 2000. which is absolutely mind-blowing. I had to watch the clip over and over, it was just unbelievable to me. He ends the series with a theory saying that the whole Universe was created ''last Thursday''!!

Last year this time I was stuck watching Shane Dawson make pizza cakes, hunting ghosts with Drew & Garrett, and I loved it. But now, we have reached a new level. The videos have become a mini tv series, and it makes me so happy that he found what he likes because we can all see it. Thank you, Shane!

And, just to be clear, all conspiracy theories are just theories, they are entertaining and are not meant to harm anyone sips diet root beer.

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