Detoxify your body

Detoxify your body


Get rid of belly bloating and gases. Turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, lemon – already sounds super healthy, doesn’t it? It’s the easiest, cheapest way to naturally clean your colon, helps with the digestive system and overall health. I have this a couple of times in the week, but if you are feeling sick and having colon problems, make sure to drink it more often. It is so good for you.


Take fresh ginger, peel it off and shred it really finely. You can use one teaspoon of ginger powder if you don’t have a fresh one.

Take turmeric and do the same thing. Shred it for enough for one spoonful.

One thing I have to mention here, don’t peel off the whole turmeric, you should hold it by the part with the skin on and grate it. This is only because turmeric can stain your nails and hands (happened to me when I made it the first time). Nothing to worry, you can wash it off with a bit of coconut oil, or if it's not too bad, leave it, it will wash off.

Cinnamon – take two cinnamon sticks.

Lemon – we need the juice of half a lemon.

Detoxify your body


Put your water to boil ( I used half a liter and it was enough for this jar). Once it's boiling add your ginger and turmeric, cinnamon sticks and squeeze half a lemon. Cover it and let it boil for about 10minutes. Your kitchen will smell divine.

Suggestion: Add a bit of cayenne pepper so it activates the turmeric

Pour it into your favorite glass and enjoy.

It tastes like cinnamon and lemon. Don’t worry about stronger flavors of turmeric and ginger, you will only feel like this is warming your body. And that is ideal when you are having stomach troubles.

Detoxify your body

I really hope you try it, and instead of reaching for pills and laxative teas which are promoted on Instagram, give this a go. Your body will thank you, and IT ACTUALLY WORKS.

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