Our Story

Vedrana and Srdjan Pavicevic. Owners of eVita Market

Hi everyone I'm Srdjan. I come from Bosnia, and have been in situation many times, when I wasn’t able to order things I wanted from huge, international websites, simply because they don’t ship to our country or it would take incredibly long time for delivery. That’s where the need for creating a web-shop came from. That, and my love for programming. With the help of my sister, in the content department, we are proud of our first project together and will do our best to have it be useful to you!


I have built this huge project, and implemented complete service that was strange for me at beginning but this is needed for best online shopping experience. We make shopping easier on web on both Desktop and mobile platforms and we make checkout process easier for almost all visitors and in few easy steps you will buy our quality products. 


I managed a lot of websites during my career, created complex web applications and have control over different platforms. Our store is safe and stable and you won't get any issues with our site.


I have a very good knowledge in lots of web technologies and this is very important for building these kind of websites. We had a lot of obstacles at the beginning especially in shipping and building quality products for our buyers. This is the reason for picking this ecommerce platform who is very stable. We have complete control over all aspects of web shop and we plan to implement all services that our buyers will love and interact with us.


My sister has been focusing on preparing and picking the best products, providing useful information and meeting our buyer's needs.


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We love our customers!


We started this project because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to experience easier online shopping and try our quality products in different categories. Our goal is to import lot of products from specific and trendy niches.


Our goal is to also offer customers special prices, free shipping services with affordable and safe delivery. We are giving our best to accomplish complete online shopping exprience for visitors, building affialite and loyalty programs and lots of stuff for wide audience.  


We promise that you will get great service with our outstanding customer support! Our support team will answer on any of your inquires and through our store you will get all information for best online shopping. 


Thank you for supporting us, sharing our vision and most importantly, choosing eVita Market. As we look to the future and many years ahead, know with confidence that we will always be dedicated to providing you the ultimate popular products to enhance your life.




You can easily find all categories and products on our navigation bar. We currently offer products in categories: Earrings (Stud and Drop Earrings), Chain & Link Bracelets, Beauty products (Lip liners, Eyeliners, Lipsticks, Makeup removers, Mascara).


Our buyers will explore lots of quality products from our base, and our plan is to make our website a great shopping place only for outstanding and attractive things.